Black Hills Runners Club Presents

 BHRC is offering the Dino for FREE this year.  
So join us, no excuses.
Even though the race is free, you can still pre-register here.
The club is grateful to Jan and Kerrie who will be directing this year.    
As always this will be a slightly different course, but the same well loved Skyline Wilderness.

Thanks to our sponsors Merrell and Granite Sports who will be providing swag to the first 80 registered!!!
 Thursday June 8, 2017

No Race Day Registration - Pre register here.

Race Start 5:30pm

Dino Trail Run will be a free, open-to-all race this year!  Tell your friends and use this as a way to get more people interested in trail running! 


The run ends at Dinosaur Park in Rapid City this year. We run a 3 mile-ish trail through the Skyline Wilderness Area - BEWARE - the course changes every year! 
This year's start and runner's checking will be at the newly renovated Petrified Forest Trailhead slightly less than a mile south of the Dinosaur Park parking lot.

Difficulty Scale:  67% of Previous runners rate this trail as a 5 on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the most difficult.
After the run, we encourage you join in the fun of Summer Nights! Lots of great music - just fun, fun, fun.

             For more info on Summer Nights and the concert schedule, go HERE. 

Don't miss the next run in the series, the 
Fat Tire Festival Run

The trails have had extensive work done and the City has done a wonderful job expanding the system.  You will get to access to some new areas of the trail system and get to see what a great asset we have in the Skyline Drive Trail System!
* From RC Parks & Rec folks....


The Skyline Wilderness Area consists of approximately 150 acres and is located along Skyline Drive in the heart of Rapid City. This area was donated to the City by the Skyline Drive Preservation Group who initially purchased the land to ensure that it would not be developed. Ownership and maintenance responsibilities were transferred to the City in 2006.

There are many miles of hiking and biking trails in the Skyline Wilderness Area and it is the intent of the City to leave this natural area in its present state.

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Jan 20, 2011, 10:31 AM