Are BHRC Trail Running Series courses too challenging for first-time trail runners?

Although our courses are hilly and can be challenging, our events are designed for all abilities. One of the great things about trail running is that you can hike the uphills and run the downhills. You don't need to be an experienced trail runner to enjoy our trail events. We have a variety of course distances for all to enjoy and we want to convert everyone from pavement to dirt!

Do I need to be a fast runner?

No, but persistence does pay off. We do recognize the top runners in six divisions but we want everyone to have fun. We have a little something every year for the participants that complete the entire Series - fast or slow. We encourage you to compete in our points series as participation, points and a little speed add up….


Since we’re running in beautiful places sometimes the parking is limited. We try to utilize trail heads whenever possible but even then… We ask that everyone carpool as much as possible, avoid parking where damage can occur and help keep the roads clear by parking to one side where needed. Many of our runs are on the Black Hills National Forest and other special places so you get the idea….

Is water available on the trail?

We will have water for refills on all of our trail runs, with multiple options on the longer courses and maybe even some ‘Scooby’ snacks once in awhile. BUT to avoid litter in our beautiful backyard we will not have cups. Please plan on carrying your own water bottle or pack. Enjoy post run snacks at the finish.

Can I have my swag mailed?

We hand over the goods when you register on race day so you can stash it before the run. If we call your name for free stuff after the run & you’ve left, well… we move on to the next name drawn. Leftover swag & stuff, if any, is given to event helpers and so forth. Sometimes we order too much to meet ordering minimums  -so if you like something we have for a race, we may have some to sell. Most items about $10.00 - just ask one of us at a race.

Are dogs, headphones and/or baby joggers allowed?

We all like to run with our pals but our insurance is pretty picky about dogs and strollers…. Most of the trails have single track, yada, yada, and we’d hate to have someone trip or get hurt so please help us out by leaving dogs & strollers at home. We’re okay with headphones ; the evil corporate guys haven’t ruled those out yet... but please be aware of your surroundings, and the other runners coming up from behind.

Will I get lost?

We mark all of our runs with arrow signs, sometimes adding flagging and/or flour on the longer runs. If you don’t see anything for awhile, just check back to the last signage. You’ll find your way again. We have sweepers at our events so we’ll be on the look out for any stray runners/walkers.

Other stuff:

We try to follow the philosophy for our races made available in the ATRA’ s article below - which also includes good info for folks new to trail running. Check it out at: http://www.trailrunner.com/news/trail_etiquette.htm

Other questions: