Black Hills Runners Club Presents

The Fat Tire Trail Challenge

We were pretty bummed about the cancellation of the 2011 FTTC and closure of M Hill by HLMP, but South Dakota weather is SD weather.... We had a new course planned for 2012 - a 10K and a 10K++  Rained out AGAIN and park  trails closed by HLMP to preserve the trails.

 So..... we're going to watch the weather in summer of 2013 and just pick a date & time to run on some great trails ( even more being built in winter 2012/2013! ). 
Stay tuned in Summer 2013 ... Most likely we'll do a free, no schwag Wed. Group run race on one of the courses or take advantage of the many new trails for a whole new course! We'll post on the Facebook page and an email to all in the BHRC email group.

Don't miss the next race in the
BHRC Trail Running Series
2012 FTTC Main Course  10K
( check back for the extra credit "challenge" option )
 GarminConnect link for 10K Main Course HERE
Check out our friend's who make these trails possible...They've built some great trails! Go check 'em out!


Map of proposed and current HLMP trails
BlackHills Runnersclub,
Jan 20, 2011, 10:28 AM