The Sundance 
    10K, 30K & 50K Trail Runs

    Royce Weurtzer - 2013's new RD, has just taken a new position as a big deal coach ( Congrats Royce!!! ) and cannot do the race :-(

    So the hunt for a new RD is on and we'll let you know, as soon as we know, if the races are a GO or not this year.....

    At this point, the races are on hold. See their page for the latest updates.

    September 27, 2014 TBD!
    The Sundance Trail Run is an annual 10K, 30K and 50K held in the Bear Lodge Mtn.'s near Sundance, WY.  New for 2013 & a huge success, was the 30K in addition to the very popular 50K. Everyone always has a great time in Sundance!

    Find more info about the 10,30 & 50K's and registration on their web site.

    Climbing from 5600 to 6200 feet, the Sundance Trail Run is NOT for the oxygen challenged!

    Check out the course, courtesy of Garmin Connect.

    Sundance 10K, 30K & 50K races are Trail Runner magazine 2013 Trophy Series qualifiers.

    Sundance Trail Runs 2012

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